11. February 2023 01:14

My book:

5. February 2023 09:40

I had a dream about gsm tonight…
I don’t remember it all but I remember it was some sort of school and the classroom had like 200 desks and it wasn’t like a auditorium, more like a old school classroom…
Anyways I was hanging out with some of my gsm friends and I can’t remember who… but we were pretty sad because @Mikah had just left the school and we had left gifts for her at her desk that she hadn’t picked up yet, and as I was leaving my gift for her, a new student walked into the classroom. @Cinnamon, she had no idea what had happened so I explained it to her and started showing her around at the school..

Then my cat Anton woke me up… at 5.59am….. then we cuddled and I fell back asleep
And he woke me up at 7.59am… tf is his obsession with waking me up at .59???

14. January 2023 20:04

I feel so annoying to people on here, i always feel bad for tagging my friends in forums and i am always too scared to make forum posts.
i get jealous of some of the friendships on here but whenever i try talking to people im always so scared of saying the wrong thing or not being enough.