17. February 2023 14:03

i am stupid XD

16. February 2023 16:00

my bestie is now my worstie she made me listen to h*l*live ”music”. i h8 it this is no an cafe im very un-nyappy
2day i studied a lot & cleaned my place (i was rlly tired afterwards……….)
im gonna play kirby l8ter n i have an online meeting w our bible group at 10 pm xD umm but yea ill write more 2morrow hugs & kisses

15. February 2023 19:49

mai bestie made soooper oishii(delicious) mapo tofu & we watched an cafe music videos 2gether o(≧∀≦)o i luv her i had sooo much fun x3 shes so funy and random~

12. December 2022 14:57

hi everyone