20. January 2023 19:52

ive only lived on junk today bc period cravings and i can hear my organs screaming for something else than pizza and chocolate

but broccoli wont heal a bleeding uterus yk

20. January 2023 11:57

now i am sick, have been for the last week smh

AND on top of that i just got my period and my endometriosis is not treating me well i’ll tell you that

17. January 2023 15:33

okay update

my son is STILL sick and i STILL havent been able to sleep away a day

manifesting some long, good sleep soon

12. January 2023 14:10

my son is sick so i had to pick him up early from kindergarten when i was originally planning on sleeping away the entire day

now he wont sleep so i can't sleep and im so tired i wanna die

3. January 2023 15:12

two of our newborn pups just pissed and took a shit in my hands