27. February 2024 23:02

-------Antidepressant Journy Day 11--------

Mood: sleepy

Did i tok medecine?: yes

Any side effects?: Naur

Dairy part:

there is nothing really to say today. I was feeling okayish

26. February 2024 23:00

-------Antidepressant Journy Day 10--------

Mood: but a lil shourt temperd today

Did i tok Medecine?: yes

Any side effects?: Naur

Dairy part:

Welp. today i got triggerd so i wasnt feeling that well either but still neutral. but man if i wouldnt have gone away i probably would have slapped that dude.

25. February 2024 23:42

----Antidepressant Journy day 9----

Mood: + goodish but also was a lil sad today

Did i tok medecine?: Yes

Any side effects?: Lil headpain


I was today at the boardingschool. Im kinda sad im away from there but also have to notice that i cant work 8hours anymore.. I cant take it. its too much :/

I miss my frends in boardingschool but i have to focus on my self first.

24. February 2024 21:20

------Antidepressant Journy Day 8 -------

Mood: but exhausted

Did i take emds?: yes

Any side effects?: /

Dairy part:

I had to take care of kids with my father. lowkey feelt like a severant bc of it beacouse he asked me to do all the walking.

23. February 2024 20:37

------Antidepressant journy Day 7------

Mood: + Idgaf + goodish

Did i took medecine?: yes

Any side effects?: /

Dairy part:

I continue having no hunger feeling overall really. apart from that im okay. it need to be watched sure.

But overall im happy with them. im kinda sad they are not forever.