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21. February 2023 21:55

I.. dont care who reads this.. i dont care if it sticks forever to me and people put a stamp on my forehead.

its the 21th February.. And my Depression got to a new Peak. I cant think straight, i cant do things whitout it affecting me.. Since a week i fight to stand up. and Since two weeks i forgett beacouse of it to take my Medikation.. Wish make things worser.. gotta love the anti depressiva, throid Medikation.

i know i could just change it by takeing it again.. but im already happy for getting out of bed every day.. and to falls asleep at night. im well aware things get worser if i dont.

is that a good thing to know.. or is it bad beacouse i know the consequences yet my Brain stops me from doing it..
havnt told my boyfrend about it either, dont want him to worry.

Life is confusing.. Adulting is shit.

1. February 2023 22:24

My post about bullying:

16. January 2023 22:51

16. January 2023 22:51

6. January 2023 00:13

Negativity is tiering you out on Gsm?
Maybe have a read here ♥