20. January 2023 22:47

hello goblog. today i had 6 hours with 100% on the games. earned 50k fame. i only had time to play for 3 hours :( good wc day


12. January 2023 22:56

Hello this is Mymlens bf. Gotta say, today was a really slay day for Mymlen. Got a lot of fame and played wardrobe challenge all day after she came home from university, SLAYY!! But didnt get to spend time with her, not so slay. Have slay evening :)

9. January 2023 22:03

Today was a bad WC day. I had to study and spend 5 minutes with my bf, ugh
Got 20k fame tho, its okay but I want more

Not very slay

5. January 2023 23:41

today was a good wc day, even though i didnt have much time to play. i got to level 8 almost every game, and to level 16 one time. but no new highscore tho.. :(

still, slay

4. January 2023 23:44

reached level 16 today, slay