16. September 2023 18:50

It's been too long since my previous shoplog, although I honestly believe even splurging once a month may be a bit overdone but YOLO. And it isn't as if I haven't bought anything during the radio silence. I've added at least 4 new Jellycat plushies to my collection but I might make a post about my growing collection some other time.

Today I went shopping in Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht with my little sister. At first I had my impulsive spending under control but then I thought "I still have so much money left" and things went awry.

It all started at Amazing Oriental were fresh food was 30% off due to a short best before date. They said 18-9 and I figured I'll eat the stuff before (or 2/3 days after) or i'll freeze some of it. I'm a sucker for discounted fresh food.
Here I bought:
- 500g nasi goreng with 30% off for € 3,35
- Onigiri (1 piece) for € 3,99, I know this is quite expensive but I'm a sucker for onigiri.
- Two packages of fried instant noodles for € 1,59 each
- A package with two chicken pastries with 30% off for € 3,12
- A package with two chicken steamed buns with 30% off for € 3,28
- 4 granadillas for € 6,73, which is very expensive but I love exotic fruit and at least it's a healthy snack

I also went to Monki where I bought:
- 4 hair clips for € 5,99
- 3 pieces of underwear for € 25,99
- A mushroom beret for € 19,99 which is the cutest accessory ever!

At Game Mania I bought a € 25,- Nintendo E-Shop card because I want to buy Disney Dreamlight Valley for Nintendo Switch now it's on sale.

At Normal I bought:
- The Curl Company curl cream for € 4,40
- The Pink Stuff foaming toilet cleaner for € 6,40 (It's a blast being an adult.)
- The Pink Stuff wash-up spray (I actually got influenced on here.)

The last store I shopped at was Coco en Sebas where they sell luxurious chocolates. Here I bought:
- 100g of milk chocolate with rasperry and meringue for € 7,99
- 250g of caramel chocolate drops to make hot cocoa for € 6,99

So this was my Saturday afternoon splurging. Hope you enjoyed reading it and please let me know what you think of my awesome new beret!

11. August 2023 15:45

It's been a while, since I was broke after my vacation, but because I'm a shopaholic and was in dire need of some retail therapy, here's a new H&M+ sale shoplog.

This time I bought all items in 2XL/EU50.

This is REALLY cropped, like, if I lift my arm my boob will be visible haha. I'm probably only going to wear this at home but it is comfortable and cute. Hubby loves it.
Price: € 2,99

This is my favorite item from this haul and also instantly became my favorite jeans. It looks really flattering and cool on me. I can't wait for the temperature to drop so I'll be able to wear it without overheating.
Price: € 3,99

I feel kinda 'meh' about this dress. It's not really my style but it fits and the fabric is nice for warmer summer days so I'm still gonna keep it.
Price: € 8,99

I got lucky with this one because I needed new foundation anyway and my skin tone, Soft Sand, was still available. I never tried H&M foundation so I hope it's good or at least okay.
Price: € 2,49

This is my most expensive item of the haul and one I've wanted for ages! I've looked for this kind of outdoor jack so many times at Decathlon but never found one I liked or that fit me. This one is perfect! It stretches in all the right places and feels comfortable. Since I like walking/hiking this will surely come in handy.
Price: € 16,99

This sweater is on the short side and I don't know how to feel about that. It is really cute though and I have a feeling it'll make a great outfit together with the black jeans since that one is high waisted.
Price: € 7,99

I'll be honest with you... I wouldn't have bought this hoodie if they'd shown a picture of its back. It has this HUGE, and I mean HUGE, Maeve's head (from Sex Education) on the back. I like Sex Education but I don't want to wear a hoodie with a, bigger than lifesize, head of a character on it. The hoodie is extremely comfortably and fairly oversized which I really like so that makes up for it.
Price: € 5,99

This jogger runs a bit large and is grotesque, I kid you not. I'm still gonna keep it to wear at home during period days.
Price: € 3,99

Total price: € 53,42

What do you think of this haul and what is your (least) favorite piece?
Let me know in a message if you'd like!

15. July 2023 17:38

Today I finally got my hands on my H&M delivery!

All in all I'm content with most of the items but I think it's important to know your measurements when ordering at H&M (at least as a plus size person) because I definitely had/have some troubles with their inconsistent sizing.

I only bought H&M+ sale items and also had an extra discount code so some items were a little cheaper than what they show for on H&M's site.

I expected so much of this pantalon and it is beautiful but sadly it's too small. I got it in EU size 52 which is already one size up from my normal size and I'm sad to say it's still too small. I'd have to at least get a 56 for it to work.
I paid € 8,99 for it, the original price was € 24,99. I won't return it because I feel like that's too big of a hassle for just a few euro's but I'm gonna try selling it on Vinted instead.

I bought this blazer because I thought it'd make a nice suit together with the pantalon. I got it in XXL which should be EU size 52/42 according to H&M. It fits nicely, might even be a bit on the larger side for me especially because I'm short. I'm planning on also selling this on Vinted because I don't like it as much without the pantalon and the colors of the blazer make me look dull.
I paid € 8,10 for it, the original price was € 39,99 which imo is too much for a blazer of this quality since it's almost entirely made of polyester.

Here's something I do plan on keeping! It gives such a 70's vibe and is extremely comfortable to wear. At first I was doubting whether I should keep it because it's not really flattering as it shows the contours of my belly quite well. But I thought "oh what the heck" and will make it work. Time to get out of my comfort zone!
I bought it in XXL. I might've gotten a size smaller since it's so stretchy but I don't know how that'd have looked on my belly.
It cost me € 6,30, the original price was € 19,99.

I've always wanted a nice and big enough varsity-jacket and am happy I finally found one! I got the XXL which is quite large on my (short) arms. I think I could've gone with one size smaller, especially because it has some stretch. I do like the oversized look it gives though and it will be perfect for autumn. I can see myself wearing it a lot!
I got this jacket for € 11,70, the original price was € 39,99.

I have trouble finding nice jeans that I like, that fit me and look flattering. First of, I do like this jeans. Second of, maybe I should've gotten it a size smaller. I got 3XL which is one size up from my normal size because I'd read reviews and thought it would've been on the smaller side. It looks oversized and I don't really know how to feel about that but I might make it work if I put on a belt and tuck my top in. Maybe I just have to get used to how it looks. We'll see if it's a keeper.
I got it in black for € 7,99 which is a great price for a sturdy jeans. The original price was € 24,99.

This was all I got! I'd definitely consider ordering at H&M again, especially in their sale because i've gotten some good items for little money.

14. July 2023 18:42

I promised a new shoplog when I'd get back from my trip to Scotland, so here it is. In this shoplog I'll share everything I bought while on holiday.

On the ferry I bought this men's sweater in a 2XL (might've been 3XL, I forgot and it's in the laundry basket now). It was taxfree and discounted. I don't know what I paid for it exactly but I think a few euro's more than on Lacoste's own sale. I needed it because I only brought clothes with me on the ferry that were not warm enough for the current weather if I wanted to go outside. Oop. There wasn't anything I liked or that fit me in the women's section but luckily I don't really care about gendered clothing.

On my first day in Glasgow I bought this cutie in a medium size. I have to tell you this is actually my FOURTH Smudge Elephant because I just can't resist how cute they are. Might be my nr. 1 favorite Jellycat plush. I just have to buy them whenever I see one in store. I might have a problem. I bought it at a store called Maia Gifts.

At the same store I also bought this Huggady Panda. I've never seen one in an actual store and didn't knew I liked it. At first I got him because I thought he'd be cool for my collection but he actually ended up as a cuddle buddy instead haha. He just has the cutest face and is really soft. One of these was £28 and the other Jellycat £30 if I remember correctly but I don't know which was which anymore.

Hubby bought me this cute sterling silver necklace of a Puffin because I'm crazy about puffins. It's so pretty! I actually haven't taken it out of it's package yet. I'm going to save wearing it for a special occasion. It was £16.

So remember I said I really like puffin birds? This is my third puffin plushie haha. I had to get it because it's from Aurora and I really like that brand. Their plushies are of amazing quality. It was £17,50.

At the same store I bought the puffin plushie I also bought a figurine of a puffin feeding a puffling. Sadly I can't find it online so I don't have a picture of it. I also bought Hubby a wooden puffin pin at this shop. I don't remember what I paid for both items.

At the parking lot of Dunvegan Castle there's this gift shop where I went overboard. Here I bought this lamb plushie. His face got me. I don't know what he cost me but I guess around £13.

Here I also bought an organic lipbalm and a pink hoodie with a depiction of a highland cow with the text 'Highland Coo' under it. The depiction and text are in blue. Sadly I cannot find a picture of the hoodie online. I don't know how much the lipbalm cost me (I guess around £4) but the hoodie was £35 and I got it in 2XL.

I bought this book because I think it'll be a nice read and liked how beautifully illustrated it is. I got it together with a bookmark with a depiction of a Highland cow on it. I can't find what I paid for both items because my bank account's a mess now with everything I spent the past two weeks haha.

At a shop called The Drawing Room in Inverness I got my second Smudge Bear. I already had one at home but I'm a sucker for smudges, what can I say? His value might go up one day so I'm gonna hold on to him until the timing's right. I believe he was £30.

At the same shop I bought my favorite item of this holiday. I had already seen Harvey Bear online but thought he was way too expensive. I just couldn't resist buying him when I saw him in this shop though. He is CUTE and incredibly soft and huggable. He was £150 which I still find way too expensive. Good thing we had a large vacation budget and Hubby supports my collection! I might never part with Harvey Bear though, I love him to bits.

At Tesco Extra I bought these books. They seem like good reads and I paid £11 for the both of them together. That's not expensive at all!

There was some more taxfree shopping on the way back home on the ferry and there I bought this Vero Moda Curve pants. It cost me € 16,- and I got it in EU size 52. It's very comfortable and the price was too good not to buy it.

So as you can see I bought a lot and this does not even include all the snacks and food I bought in the UK supermarkets!

My next shoplog will be the one from my H&M sale order but I first have to get my hands on the package.

25. June 2023 14:23

The second SHEIN shoplog is here!

My order was split up in two deliveries, the second one arrived yesterday.
I don't know why it was split up and I'm not a big fan of that but oh well.

I thought this onepiece looked very cute and wanted to try it. I got it in 3XL and it fits but I could've gotten 4XL for a more relaxed fit. It looks good on me but I feel uneasy in it because it's not really my style. I'm not sure if I'll keep it, if I don't I'll probably sell it on Vinted. It cost me € 11,45.

I got this short in 4XL and I'm happy I did because I have a feeling 3XL would've been too small due to the thin fabric. This is my least favorite item of the batch because of it's thinness. Might decide to sell this one on Vinted too. I bought it for € 6,59.

This short makes up for the first two items. It's very comfortable and flattering. It has a perfect length for me and it's easy to style. I bought it in 4XL and it cost me € 10,62.

This short is nice but I should've gotten a 3XL instead of the 4XL. It doesn't look flattering because it's oversized and I don't know if I'll wear it a lot outside of the house because of it. It does feel comfortable though so I'll at least keep it for this season and might decide to sell it later on. It cost me € 7,66.

I bought this short in size 4XL and it fits well. I think it's nice for hot summer days but not my favorite because i'd liked it a little longer. But I'll definitely be keeping this one. I bought it for € 6,37.

This short is one of my favorites because it's very comfortable and looks nice and flattering. It has a good length for me and I love its color. I bought it in 4XL but could've gone with 3XL. I got it for € 6,80.

I'm satisfied with SHEIN so far because all of the items I bought fit me and the quality is fine in relation to price. I only bought sale items and used coupons so most items were cheaper than their original prices.

Yesterday I ordered plussize sale items at H&M. I don't know if they'll get delivered before I go to Scotland but you can expect the shoplog either this week or after my holiday.