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28. December 2022 02:31

In Search Of My Old BFF:
Has Anybody Seen Her Around?

Dutch Server - From Volendam in the Netherland
Old name: Mi Moneda

26. December 2022 21:20

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26. December 2022 03:22

Successful Trades:

I traded with Pernie we did diamonds for Gm and it all went smoothly
I send Avance a cheap gift asking for 2 VIP days, then gave her 2 Sg. Deal went smoothly.
Rabea - Traded 240gm for 4 VIP days
Vause - 5SG for 3 Dia gifts worth 9 dias
Amalie - Trade 5 SG to 5 gifts worth 5 Dias

22. December 2022 19:56

It's the first day of being back at GSM. It's weird how so much changed but also so much is the same.

I found some items that where SUPER RARE back in the days sell for 300$, I forgot about the pinball machine and it feels weird to talk English now. Luckily I got a lot better at speaking English, as 15 years ago I definitely wouldn't been about to talk English on the forms.