7. January 2023 16:02

This week has been unbelievable!
First I received a commission art of my model here - and you can see the end result in the attached picture! How wonderful and beautiful was that!
Next I manage to buy black 07! Finnish people surely know the dress that used to be THE most rarest. Truly, my childhood dream came true!
And today, I managed to track down something that I have been hunting down for a couple weeks by now! That silver glitter skin & golden face glitter which came in an Indiegogo perk!
I'm beyond the moon! Broke af, but it was all so worth it
Now wondering how I will afford all the items on my wishlist since I am broke...

13. December 2022 22:11

The second day is almost over. I could finally log in. GSM was offline most of the day. I played last time 24 h ago. It's still filled with bugs, lagging and errors. Using GSM on phone is very painful.
But there are bright sides as well. I have found many friends I once made during the old GSM and lost when the game shut down. I could hardly believe they are really back! I thought I would be the only one tockme back to GSM after all this time. Apparently not. I love all my friends, it feels like I'm a child again!
Dressing up my model is the best.

13. December 2022 00:06

Today was the re launch of Gosupermodel. The forum was buggy, laggy and I received constant error messages. However I am beyond happiness for having my dear childhood back. I can't believe we are truly here. And I hope we may continue to stay in GSM for many years to come.