28. December 2022 22:45

What a wonderful city of love - or so they say.
French love love, but can they keep it?

Under the lights of Paris, millions of people live, love and laugh, but underneath there is also heartbreak and strong feelings. When you are so passione about something and it's taken away from you - wouldn't you be upset? When your husband has a mistress more beautiful than you, or your wife finds mind blowing pleasure elsewhere, will it be upsetting?

With millions of people and dozens of tourists, will there be love and will there be war? In a city, where fashion is the tulip and you are the dirt. Where you smoke a cigarette when you're hungry and where you will not tell the cheff if your order has something wrong with it. Everything just seems so beautiful and perfect in Paris.

12. December 2022 18:12

FRP | 1919

It was the year 1919, in the middle of pandemic. It was a terrible time, with people barely surviving after the war - and keeping themselves alive in the middle of the hard times. But there was a chapter in history that the goverments made silent, - gathering weapons no other would think of. Using people, who you couldn't call humans. They were weapons and they were found from the dark. Some would call them monsters, others would call them freaks, mutants, nightmares or demons.

Europe decided a small group of chosen people, brave humans and loyal monsters, to go around the world to hunt for supernatural beings - not to kill them, but make them allies. Their job would be to keep Europe safe, especially since the Spanish flu didn't affect them. In a case of danger, they would be the first hand to act. Especially now, when it was known for some supernatural creatures living in harmony with humans. Probably not many humen knew what they really were, but they could live a normal life, just hiding their true nature.

Troops in groups of two were sent all around Europe. They had the knowledge of every mythological or supernatural creature, also knowing legends and stories of dangerous monsters, but some were crazy enough to approach them.

Would you find a fae working as a nurse, not being affected by the flu, or would there be a terrifying werewolf on the hunt just as you step into the forest? Only the story will tell.

‣ This is a fantasy roleplay, which is based on year 1919 in Europe. To get in, you must be fluent in English (do not copy paste your text from google translator.) Also we expect you to do a little bit of research before you start writing - your character won't use a cellphone or use todays slang words.
‣ Your character can be a human or a supernatural creature, no matter the age or gender.
‣ Your character can be a dragon or kraken if you wish, but must have a human form.
‣ Your character doesn't need to be hunter or a creature at all, it can also be a normal human!
‣ Third person only.
‣ Past tense.
‣ We will follow goSupermodels guidelines and rules, so keep it family friendly and if you need to do something inapropriate, do not do it in the forum - take it elsewhere.
‣ You can join as long as you like and you can have more than one character.
‣ You can and should have love interests! (optional)
‣ The rp creator Rosada decides wether you're in or out.
‣ Do not do anything drastic to your fellow characters without permiossion.
‣ If you don't show up or continue roleplaying withing two weeks without a notice, you'll be expelled automatically.

‣ Just remember to have fun and be nice to everyone! And hopefully we'll get pics soon!


Group 1
human -
creature -

Group 2
human -
creature -

Group 3
human -
creature -

Group 4
human -
creature -


your characters full name | age | gender | human/creature (which) | nationality