2. June 2023 07:30

NEW pride stickers:

https://gosupermodel.com/shopping/magazine.jsp?magid=57615 Ace hedgehog
https://gosupermodel.com/shopping/magazine.jsp?magid=57679 Ace heart
https://gosupermodel.com/shopping/magazine.jsp?magid=57678 The first pride was a riot kitty with sign

1. June 2023 10:47

Pride stickers:

https://gosupermodel.com/shopping/magazine.jsp?magid=52412 Lesbian pride flag
https://gosupermodel.com/shopping/magazine.jsp?magid=52415 Rainbow pride river
https://gosupermodel.com/shopping/magazine.jsp?magid=52416 Pride heart
https://gosupermodel.com/shopping/magazine.jsp?magid=51851 «I believe in you» rainbow
https://gosupermodel.com/shopping/magazine.jsp?magid=55828 Pride flag waving
https://gosupermodel.com/shopping/magazine.jsp?magid=57528 Ally Pride
https://gosupermodel.com/shopping/magazine.jsp?magid=57590 Pride flag (repost)
https://gosupermodel.com/shopping/magazine.jsp?magid=57614 Sparkling rainbow

20. May 2023 11:23

Gocodes: gosymmetry and Highheels

8. May 2023 12:00

- noun

1.The forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence.
"there has been widespread speculation that he plans to quit"

2.Investment in stocks, property, etc. in the hope of gain but with the risk of loss.
"the company's move into property speculation"

Similar words: conjecture, theorizing, guesswork, hypothesize, supposition

9. April 2023 11:07

New and updated sticker catalogue: https://gosupermodel.com/community/forum_thread.jsp?id=514283