19. April 2023 00:01

Qiaria buys me always all the things in my wl i love her so much!
My sugardaddy&lover.

i love her.

(i will never cheat on her)

30. March 2023 23:00

Dont tell me u love me I have a soulmate alr!! she is jealous

28. March 2023 18:55

Before I start this is my obsession with Qiaria,

I wake up I message Qiaria.

I eat I think of Qiaria.

I drink red bull and think of Qiaria.

I'm on gosupermodel and click on Qiaria's profile.

I go to sleep and say good night to Qiaria.

It is just Qiaria on my mind

27. March 2023 05:59


She started out as my sugar mom.

Now I give her sugar.

I don't get any money.


She's it all.

She is special.

10. March 2023 00:08

My gotest : WIN 125 GM

Send me a screenshot & a trade I will accept it when I see it !

I DONT accepted trade without a screenshot!!

! I NEED to see u models name on the screen!!!

I DONT trade items back!!

I will pay my gotest till 10 march 21:00 PM (CET)

if u dont know how to send me a screenshot use : https://prnt.sc