26. January 2023 12:57

Do not follow Morosis' tips on leveling up!!! It's a trap!!!!

15. January 2023 16:04

THAT's it!!!!! GSM please remove this stupid censoring, I am NOT writing that stupid lame WORD, it just so happens to be that OFTEN when you write exactly the word BEFORE THAT ends on a S!!!!! I DON'T INTEND TO WRITE IT BUT STOP CENSORING ME FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

14. January 2023 11:48

Hi diary! Today is 14/1 and I have an exam 18/1. I'm not sure I'm going to make it, not bc I'm stupid, but because it's so damn hard to remember all the things I have to by heart ?!?!?! Send me some prayers diary, I'm doing my best