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for somebody I thought was my saviour, you sure make me do a whole lot of labour

2. March 2023 22:52

poem by the sweetest Abderittisk:

Tessa, oh Tessa, with a heart full of dreams,
Uncertainty looms, or so it seems,
To play it safe, or take a chance,
The choice is tough, in life's dance.

The road ahead, splits in two,
One well-traveled, the other new,
The safe line beckons, with steady pace,
But the heart yearns, for a different race.

What if you fall? The fear's so real,
But what if you soar, on wings of steel?
Life's journey is not a straight line,
It twists and turns, as we seek to find.

The answer lies, deep within,
Follow your heart, let your soul win,
Take the leap, and spread your wings,
Embrace the unknown, let life sing.

Tessa, oh Tessa, with courage in sight,
The world's your oyster, shining bright,
Trust yourself, and all you know,
Your dreams await, now it's time to go.

20. February 2023 01:07

take my gotest! how would you die in a hunger games simulation?

16. February 2023 20:53

poem by plastic fantastic:

Requiem Aeternam, an Aries with fire,
Likes to play gosupermodel and admire,
The way kids look up at the world,
With wonder and awe, still unfurled.

She loves strong women and male friends,
Who open up to feminism and education blends,
For her future holds a vision so bright,
A kind and compassionate generation in sight.

Her spirit, fierce and full of fight,
A warrior woman, shining so bright,
She dreams of a world, free from hate,
Where all can coexist, in love and fate.

5. February 2023 23:23

if any of you would like to follow along with some of my writing, I've made a thread where I'll share some of it every now and then :)

req's corner:

29. January 2023 03:01