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May your yuletide be gay. <3 // Currently dizzy. // Mod comp: Still waiting for the last votes.

22. July 2023 18:06

3 days in row with sleeping issues, I guess a 3 hour nap from 20-23 yesterday was not the move to make. I make more mistakes when I am tired, like I forget words, so I am less forum chatty, if it requires me to be more "on" at the moment.

12. July 2023 18:28

Dey comment about forums and Gemma Stone:
"Hi guys!
This is not really how it works, the events in the forums will be held by either the Focus group, Gemma Stone or Staff. "


9. July 2023 13:09

Useful links:

Updated roadmap link: Note: Link changed. Date: 17 november 2023.

Summer tour pass:
How to: Add id at the end

4. July 2023 17:23

1. June 2023 22:09

First day of pride, and I have lost count of the amount of hateful content I have seen on here today. I keep being surprised, and I did my master thesis on online hatred and debate culture. I thought gsm would be a safer space than it is, but I am happy to see mods & staff showing up. It just makes me sad that it is needed way more than I thought it would be.