22. January 2023 17:38

The names of my animals:

Blue owl: PERCY
White owl: Hedvig
Green owl: BARR
Beige owl: Errol
Purple owl: Svea

Thestral 1 Hanneman
Thestral 2 Araya
Thestral 3 King
Thestral 4 Lombardo

Bunny that sits in my hand: Oliver
Bunny that sits besides my feet's: Benjamin

Chinchilla: Nacho

Hamster: Harry

Golden retriever with a ball: Nikki
Golden retriever sleeping: Ragnar
Fluffy dog: Lemmy
Dalmatian: Buster
Dog in white sock: Freddie
Dog in blue sock: Eddie
Dog in red sock: Rob
Dog in purple sock: Dio
Dog in green sock: Bruce

White fluffy cat: Pearl
Black crazy cat 1: Loke
Black crazy cat 2: Faust
Cat with no fur: GARY

Pig with hat: Greta
Flying pig with diamond tattoo: Peppa
All the other flying pigs with diamond tattoo: They are all named Billy bob jr

Horse 1: Blossom
Horse 2: Sparks

Green frog: Pepe
Blue frog: Trevor
Purple frog: Spyro
Red frog: Max
Gray frog: Paarthurnax

Ferret: Draco

Parrot: Ernst

Duck 1: Anki
Duck 2: Kalle

Octopus: Squidward

Brown rabbit: Sam
White rabbit: Frodo

Chihuahua Pink skull - Euronymous
Chihuahua Purple skull - Dead
Chihuahua Dark purple skull - Necrobutcher
Chihuahua Green skull - Hellhammer
Chihuahua Red skull - Varg

Lemur: Torsten