16. January 2023 20:38

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22. December 2022 19:02

Alsooo... I can't imagine how the f I could wrote novels in forums that got popular, like where did I got the inspiration from? And I made a lot of magazines and intervjued people for it, but know I feel cringe about it :,) But if someone want to make a magazine together I think I'm in!

22. December 2022 18:46

I don't really know what to write here? But thanks for checking in my profile! This takes me back to 2011 </3 Actually I worked hard for my model back then. Always vip, had unique stuffs, high level and so on. I was literally obsessed, most of my time was in here. But then, after 3-4 years of building allt this up I got hacked by my "best friend" here and everything was gone and destroyed. Honestly I cried.. :,) So it kinda was a relief when the whole site got deleted shortly after, very egoistic by me I know hehe.

BUT NOW WE ARE BACK! All together, and not "country for country" which is fun. I don't get how people can be so mean and seem to miss conscience when they scam and hacking people, specially when they are supposed to be your friend.