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if you can't convince them, confuse them! // brb drinking some pepsi max // STAY GOLDEN

30. January 2023 22:15

Why are they soo smooooll and cute

29. January 2023 16:35

Every black spot, is a great spot to sleep on!

28. January 2023 22:27

take a walk

27. January 2023 14:34

If you have a bad day, my cat is having one too...

23. January 2023 12:46


This is my oldest cat named Fru Halvorsen. She is 17 years old and has become blind. She loves to cuddle and disturb my studysessions, and I therefore call her "Jusspus" which can be translated to "Cat of law" since she has joined many of my Zoom lectures for the past four years.
She is a mixed breed, half Birman.