7. January 2023 14:22

hello diary,
forgot to write
i've been chilling these days, drinking redbull and hanging out with my friends

i don't have any plans for today/tonight either
i'm so bored

bye diary

4. January 2023 18:28

dear diary,

today has been a good day
we ordered some sushi and watched emily in paris, now i'm gaming gsm and he's playing cod
we're going to eat some candy and watch a movie later

bye diary!

3. January 2023 10:47

dear diary,

today i made a trading magazine, quite fun
and i just missed a invisible piggy

thank you for listening!

good bye diary

2. January 2023 14:17

dear diary,

yesterday people were nice on gsm, but today i've been reading drama in every other forum but it's fun... because i'm not involved

and i'm drinking a redbull now... that's everything i'm going to do today

goodbye diary!

20. December 2022 11:10

what colour do you think of when you see my model?

pls send me a message with your answer, thx love