23. March 2023 14:40

Some people have asked me about my aqcuired brain injury. How did it happen, what do I feel, how this this affect my life? I've written it down here:

When I was four years old I was rushed into the hospital with mengitis B in my brain. When a human being has a saturation level (oxygen) below 90% it's not healthy. I was tested and I only had about 2% saturation left in my body. They didn't know what to do as the variant B is one of the worst ones without treatment. The doctors punctured my spinal cord with a needle injecting a cöcktail of antibiotics. They told my mother to take her goodbyes as they ëxpected me not to survive the night, it was a miracle as well that I still was awake because I should have been in a coma.

Somehow I managed to survive. Once I got discharged from the hospital I still had to check-in every day to gain an antibiotics intravenous dripping for an hour, for about two weeks. The pediatricians said I was a miracle child and unfortunately they couldn't tell me what damage had been done to my brain or my body. When I was about 16 I started walking down the medical road because after being sick I never have been the same child and developed several things. Around the age of 21 I finally discovered a few things about myself. I have several spots in my grey tissue of my brain that have damages, same goes for some nerves in my brain. This results in my brainhalves not being able to work properly together. I have a bad mobility and sometimes I have trouble with speech. Unfortunately because of it I have a bad immunesystem as well and am prone to illnesses, also I have pain in my head 24/7 which never stops. Despite that I still live my life and you will never hear me complain. I rather be positive

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