I'm Sade, a 22 year old bi girl from Finland.

I love anything colorful, weird and/or cute! I adore art in all its forms and sometimes even draw myself (woah!)

 I also like travelling!


MUSIC - I listen to all kinds of music from country to metal, currently in my hyperpop era. If I'd have to choose an ultimate favorite I would have to pick Mother Mother.


GAMES - My all time favorite games would probably be: Sims 3 & 4, Genshin Impact, Yume Nikki (!!!), Ib, Undertale (can't forget the legend) and Stardew Valley


SHOWS - My favorites are JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Bojack Horseman and Breaking Bad. Guilty pleasures are any kind of highschool drama/romance and reality dating shows 


Feel free to send me a friend request or a message! I respond to everyone even if I can be a little awkward :D


Thanks for visiting my profile