Hi ♥ My name is Silje, I'm from Norway, I work within health care and I think it's so fun to be back on gSm! I'm a vegetarian, and love trying out new recipes. Lmk if you have some good ones! My favorite thing to do is go see football, especially my beloved team Lillestrøm, but I also like watching lower leagues. Also, please message me if you want a new friend or need someone to talk to.

Links: My bestie / LayoutgoTest / ig / lgbtq+


My favorite artists/bands: Useless ID, Green Day, Good Riddance, Demi Lovato, Lana del Rey and Bad Religion.

My favorite tv-shows: The Office, Homeland, Criminal minds.


Fun facts about me: I've been a vegetarian since I was eight years old. I was born in Stockholm but moved to Norway when I was three years old. My favorite app is Futbology, there you can collect football stadiums and countries you have watched football in, as of now these are my 'stats': 354 games, 113 stadiums and eight countries.



Fear In the Mirror

Useless ID