aquarius ☀ virgo ☾ aquarius ↑



part of the slow as fuck running club and
i thoroughly enjoy an early night and waking up
at 4am to go to the gym before work.


i probably listen to music like 90% of the time.
my tiktok for you page is 60% dog videos,
25% how to cure back pain, 10% everyone is so
creative girl and 5% pimple popping videos.


i wish i was better at picking up a book or
drawing just for fun. i have a keyboard but
i haven't learned a single song yet.
i love food but i hate cooking, i constantly save recipes on instagram but i never try them.


on gsm i love stalking all my friends (lovingly).
i'd say i'm quite active on the fmb and i try
to be active in forums.
otherwise i'm usually lost in my wardrobe.



i'm always up for a chat

but please no empty friend requests ♡