my name is sofie, and im a 26 year old girl from a little town in norway. i study interior design, and im really passionate about fashion and organization. my favourite colour is black, as im allergic to most other colours, on myself that is. i really really love sundays, and thats why i landed on the name *sunday* as my username. its something about the calmness, combined with the crispy air outside, and pyjamas on the sunday open store. 

i love games, and im quite a competativ person. i love to win and i hate to lose, and im a really bad loser and an worse winner. 

on sundays (and honestly, all the others days) i love laying in bed in my pajamas in fresh sheets and binge watching series. ive watched friends more times than i can count, and since i have anxiety i find comfort in watching shows over again as i know whats gonna happen. i know.