Hey there!

And welcome to my profile. 

 Want to know something about me?


Firstly, I am a 19-years-old girl from Finland. Currently I'm having a gap year, as I am trying to get into a school.


I love goSupermodel with all of my heart.

I even started playing when I was just... What, 12-years-old? I still remember when one of my old friends showed it to me and I loved all of it. Especially the flying pigs that still traumatize me to this day <3


Feel free to add me as a friend or even as a contact!

And if you decide to greet me, don't worry, I'll greet you back asap. I'd only feel bad if I wouldn't greet back.


Let's grow together!


P.S. I love you all and the feeling of belonging here! <3