Hello! I am Silje, from Norway. I am 27 years old and I got a love for art, working out, pole dance and gaming. I am also a dog sitter and I got a dalmatian of my own. I have 9 animals in my home right now. (More to be) I have 5 ball pythons, 1 brazilian rainbow boa, 1 african millipede, and 2 geckos. So yeah, you can say I like all animals, not only the furry kinds, haha. But I love riding horses too. If you don't see me with animals, you see me in the gym, dancing on the pole or doing art. It's one of four ^-^


I used to do a lot of layot magazines and I will continue to do them now that gsm is back. I will post links to them on my profile when it is out.