Hello homeys, I'm baby no money but you can call me Pepe. My profile is under construction  So enjoy unfinished profile, layout also made by me xx 


Some of my favorite things:


Music: Ghost, Alligatoah, bbno$, Watsky, Hollywood Undead, Yung Gravy, Spose (my


Video games: Sims 3/4, OW, Watch_dogs, Dragon saga (rip), Detroit become human


Fictional characters (((definitely not crushes))): Aiden Pearce, Sigma, Jesse Pinkman, Connor, Ethan & Leon from RE

Men I would let step on me (1,73m)


1. absolutely no one, I know my worth and would not let any man degrade me like that. I am a strong independent person who needs no man. That level of self disrespect is disgusting and embarassing.

2. hasanabi (1,93m)

3. adam driver (1,92m)

4. alexander gumuchian (1,76m)

5. sigma for overwatch (2,43m)

6. aaron paul (1,73m)