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My bff <3 // Any guinea pig freaks? Let me know then :))

Hello and welcome to my profile!


My name is Nina and Im 24 years old  Im half danish and half persian, but living i Denmark in a smaller city by my self and two lovely guinea pigs. 


I remember goSupermodel from being a kid (used to be Nisa16), and I didnt do a whole lot of stuff but playing from 10 years to 14 years old so its absolutely amazing to be back 10 years later! Last time I made a lot of good connections through this game, and Im still in touch with some of my friends from back in the days. 


Besides being a model in here  I study finance, working out too much (if you ask my friends, but those abs doesnt make themselves), eating alot, watching too much 90 day fiance and reading books. 


Im really hoping to love this game as much as I did, and I hope to get in touch with some amazing girls (and guys probably) 


Stay nice and help eachother. Cant wait to play with all of you