I first got my account when i was around 8 or 9 years old, had my whole pre-teen life online here. I roleplayed and loved dressing up. It took me until today 20 years old to realize, that my fashion interest came from here. <3 Back in the day i went by Real and before that One2Peace.

my dogs instagram is @heffaklumpendiesel


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Hi im a 20yr old gal from north of Sweden.

I'm bilangual with american roots.

My name is a flower.

I like participating in murdertrains and warewolf on here.

I also like shopping/spending and dressing up.

I like gaming, reading a lil and FOOD<3

i do have adhd, i'm fun.




omg look at THE TALENT!!! @Arsinoe


☼ cancer

 ☾ leo

 ↑ scorpio