Hi! I am Amiga, but you can also call me Maren (or Maureen if you wish something easier to pronounce in English). I am 29 years old from the icecold Norway (or at least this time of year it is), straight in the middle of the country - Trondheim. 

Some might remember me as a moderator on the Norwegian server back in the days. I was a moderator from 2014 - 2016.

But I helped in the forums and messages a lot before this time. I'm still doing that on gSm 2.0, since I really like to help people and to make people feel welcome. So if there's something you need help with, feel free to send me a message and I will help you as good as I can.


Other than my life on gSm, I am playing a lot of games. Games like World of Warcraft (hit me up if you need a guild in the Aszune-server! We are currently looking for more people. Cool folks, and we do both old and new content), Grounded, Horizon Zero Dawn, Valheim and Disney Dreamlight Valley (yes, my taste in games is brode). 


I have two bachelors degrees - one in webdevelopment (but my skillset is in the designpart) and one in Journalism. I like to learn from Codewars, MDN, Team Treehouse, Youtube and googling a lot. Previously learned from W3Schools and CodeCademy. Currently working on creating themes in WordPress. Speaking of coding, if you're interested we created some guides in the magazine Girl Geek (you can find a link to the first issue on the button to the right).


I am also a catmom to three beautiful cats, named Dotten, Tigergutt and Ninja. And I live with my man, and we've been together since November 2016.<3