My real life name means "light", hence Lux (translated to Latin) as my username. You can guess, but if you're curious you can also ask what

my name is. 


I am Dutch with Moroccan roots. I love Moroccan food and people. But both Morocco as well as the Netherlands feel like home. 


I am 22 years old. 


I love learning new things. That's why I like having conversations with different kinds of people. I am always seeking for more knowledge. 


My big passion is mathematics and I really like to program. I prefer to work in Python and R. 




Next to my studies I teach at a university, in mathematics. I really enjoy teaching. That moment when the penny has dropped and people get determined and motivated to proceed; I live for those moments. 


My hobbies are cooking, baking, doing pilates and playing tennis. 


I love receiving non-empty friend requests. 


Need help as a new model or do you have questions about gSm?

Check my topic!