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Vendy | 22 | Finnish | any pronouns | INTJ-T | Graphic design student

♡ : Yakuza, Nitro+CHiRAL, Judgment, Persona, SMT, Vocaloid, YTTD, One Piece, Omori, Death Note, Harry Potter, LotR/The Hobbit, Corpse Party, RPG maker horror

♫: Kenshi Yonezu, MARETU, Utsu-P, the GazettE, Gorillaz, Olavi Uusivirta, Weezer, The Beatles, ABBA, EZFG, Käärijä, Dance With the Dead, Block B

Art insta: @kacrium

Discord: vendymachine





Ps. Fun Vendy lore is that my name is actually shortened from Vendace, which is also a name of a fish (muikku for all my finnish babes). However pretending it comes from Vending Machine is way funnier