My name is Femke, I am a 21 year old person that lives in Belgium.


I like to learn new things and to be creative. Because of this I gonna start next year with the study digital design.


Other things I like to do in my free time are reading, gaming, to listen to and also discover new music!


My clothing style in real life is a lot of black clothes and a little bit more to the alternative side. So I like to describe my clothing style with the quote: "I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color." (+50 points if you know who said this quote c;) I have a big love for piercings and tattoos. (I have atm 7 piercings and 12 tattoos)


I have audhd, a depression and anxiety disorder. So sometimes I can answer slow or chaotic because of that.


I like to meet new people online. So don't hesitate to send me a friend request or a gomail!

♥ Elektrolyse: my sweet goldflower, my pink glitter queen


♥ Elska: Salami, my crazy pandabag buddy


♥ Fritz: MARKUK, the one I share my 1 braincell with, my tiara, cowboy queen


♥ Chonk: Chonkie, my beautiful, sweet soul


• The Addams family

• The nightmare before christmas

• The Grinch

• Lilo and Stitch

• Winnie the Pooh

• Wednesday

• Lucifer

• Brooklyn 99

• Stranger things

• Atypical

• Friends

• The big bang theory



• Spirited away

• Howls moving castle

• Grave of the fireflies

• My neighbor Totoro

• Ponyo

• Toilet-bound Hanako-Kun

• Black butler

• Tokyo ghoul

• Bubble



• Sims 4

• Sky: children of the light

• Minecraft

• Cult of the lamb

• Red dead redemption II



• Rock

• 60's - 90's

• Lil Peep

• NF

• Motionless in white

• Isak Danielson

• Anson Sebra



• Pandas

• Frogs

• Hippos

• Foxes



• Japan

• Stationary

• Books

• Plushies

• Lego

• Flowers

• Poppy flower


Are u a panda?

How much do you know about f•r•i•e•n•d•s?



Lay-outs n. 01

Animail information: giant panda


• Who made your profile?

I made it myself.


• Do you make lay-outs for other people?

Depends, you can always allowed to send me a gomail for it.


• Do you sell x?

I almost sell nothing, so the answer on this question will mostly be no.


• Do you wanna buy my magazine?

I only buy magazines that look interesting for me or to help a friend. So no, I won't buy your magazine because it is probably not interesting for me.


I wanna thank Markus (Fritz) a lot for drawing the lil frog for me and I wanna thank Sami (Elska) a lot for drawing the panda! ♥




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