my name is Christina and i am 31 years old. Proud stay at home catmom from Svendborg, Denmark.

I do art for a living which was always the dream and luckily for me, i can live in my fiancés house rentfree!

I happy to many hobbies and a huge popculture nerd! i spent more time in museums than with IRL friends xD

I quite often sit in nature somewhere with my artsupplies and coffee.

i am also a proud thespian. 

I am autistic and have ADHD. 

My fiancé and i volenteer in the autism community in Denmark and he runs a meeting place. 

I am also very much into dopamine dressing, makeup and skincare.


Love odd facts, rain and icecream!


OG from the danish server and my modelname was SatinaR



">Take my gotest to find out