I'm 23 years old young woman from Finland. I am full-time employ and working at warehouse.


 Mostly I listen podcasts (truecrime & talkshows), audio books or music at my workplace.


 I love making looks at gSm, also you can easily spot me from forum threads.


 I have been missing The Golden Flower since day one :'(

(forever alone i guess)






               I love playing

                      videogames, especially

                   OW2, Sims 4, Disney

                         Dreamlight Valley, OSRS,

                    Hogwarts Legacy and

                           many games from Steam.





                        I played original gSm

                    until it shutted down.

                       My name was sanzu123

                        there (in Finnish server)

                         I only was lvl 10 there

                     even I played it over 8

                          years?! But I had so much

                      rare items which I miss

      so much rn.