She/her | 25 | Norway

My time zone is GMT +2

I'm a little shy but I love interacting with people, don't hesitate if you want/need to talk. I'm always up for a conversation regardless of it being serious or not, and respond as fast as I can!

I accept friend requests as long as they aren't empty 

My hobbies consists of video games, anime/manga and drawing!

My current video game obsessions are League of Legends, Genshin Impact, Pokemon(currently playing Violet and Emerald), Overwatch 2 and some otome games♥ I'm also a huge Ace attorney fan 

I do some freelance art on the side. Mostly portraits, twitch/youtube emotes and banners/pfps!


Currently working on figuring out pricing on gSm, if you're interested in art or a layout DM me and I can message you when my commissions are open 


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My sweethearts
Ves & Ivory