I'm 22 year old. Finnish surely, duh the blue-white flag. Here I overshare, vent, make silly forums and talk many convos. I'm also a big writer, no I'm not writing a book, but more like 10 forum messages in 1 minute. What do you mean, not everyone answers on forum under 1 minutes? It's who I am. I'm sensitive at times, but this online community surely does not judge. My gsm friends are amazing and I'm grateful of you all. In real life I stuggle at university, see friends way less than I should and go to the gym when I feel like it. Recently season of darkness has been getting to me, even though I like darkness in general. 


I love books and reading. It's the best escapism. I also think a lot, to the point I almost can't sleep because of it (silly me). I also love movies, I laugh and cry with the characters. I consider myself in "in-between" stage of life. Getting to there where I want but honestly feeling lost a lot of times. Fake till you make it? Right.


I'm introvert in real life, but here I almost feel like an extrovert. I almost could say written language is my strongest language. I love deep conversations and recently I've been doing a lot of self-reflection. I would like to cook a lot more, but usually I don't have the motivation to do it. 


What else I could tell of myself? I'm the oldest daughter of my family. And I like dogs and cats. Animals are sweet. I used to play football and finnish baseball when I was younger. And those things surely have my heart still. I love studying and I've always loved school, but university is just another different game huh? I could say i'm fascinated by many things and inspired by people. Gosupermodel has always been my safe place, and I love that I can relate to fellow girls in their 20s here. 

Some quotes to inspire you


What is stopping you? We live this life for ourselves, not for other people.


The only person you need to listen to is yourself. mute other voices


Why I need a rich man? When I can be a rich woman?


Become the person you write on CV's & job applications.


Level up sis, it's about time.


Lead with ambition, to never look back like: I wish I'd done things differently.


Real pain is to know I'm capable of so much more than what I am doing now.


They say it's a glow-up. I say it's finally me.


Love yourself enough to allow your dreams to become a reality.