Im a 27 yo shopaholic from Finland. Loved the old gosupermodel when I was little so its so nostalgic being here! I enjoy shopping and also selling clothes.  I think it is an art to have an own beautiful style, not just following celebrities or other mainstream fashion trends.

My studies and work revolve around tourism. I like to travel and study languages. My mother tongue is swedish and finnish. As a scorpio you can imagine I can be very determined when I want to achieve something. Someone who knows me can describe me as honest, ambitious and loyal for example. I love my black humour as much as the black color of my coffee. 

We have our own dog pack at home so I love all sorts of furry friends. Music and especially nature is also very close to my heart where I find myself the most relaxed. 

Me and LANIYAH, two shopalic fashionistas unite. Im so glad I found my bestie almost right away when gsm started. She has class and a sense of style you cannot buy. Although we dont know eachother irl, ive noticed she is so kind and loyal, but dont take her kindness for weakness. My bestie can be as fiery as the spiciest chilis in the world, in a good way. That is something we also have in common.

We like our money where we can see it, hanging in our closets.