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 Benefits of being Petrarch's friend:
- Only cheated a litle bit at sketzmo
- Is smart
- Will motivate you to gain fame (important)
- Will be your nemesis if you need one

- Slay looks
- Totally believes in birds!
- Is a bro

- Is a legend


"Petrarch is a very nice and great friend *2love* love her lots"


First of all, will gently bully you into doing this you already want to do, but won't because you're lazy/procrastinating 10/10
Second of all, will try to start a revolution but is willing to share her dictatorship (but only with me) 10/10
Third of all, my wife 12/10


Triple C!
Communicational, competent, chill!
Those three adjectives describe the first interactions with Petrarch very well! She is a super sweet human that is super fun to chat with. You can feel her truly reading your messages and responding to them. A conversation is easily upheld with her! She brings very diverse knowledge and a bunch of different areas of interests with her; ranging from shopping to creativity. She can also voice her thoughts and feelings about stuff in a subtle but very clear way! In addition to all the excellent qualities mentioned above, she is also super super chill. I have not felt judged once or gotten any bad energy from her. :-)

If you are looking for a chill friend here on gsm to hit up every now and then to just chit chat, Petrarch is the right person for you!


-Pears, friends since 4th august

Blub ik ben een gup.

Too kind of a soul and very funny ngl *I*


i give 10/10 thumbs up, would def recommend


10/10 would befriend again, highly recommend

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