Rose # 24 # Germany 


Hello from a former gSm-girl from the old german gSm!
I don't know how you came across my simplistic profile, but nice that you're here.

Back in the day I had the same name as this one and I was writing in a lot of roleplays, since I used to - and still am - into reading. For writing, I'm usually missing the time and the energy these days, sadly.

If you remember me by any means and want to reconnect: Just send me a quick message.

If you just want to talk about literature: Well, you can also contact me. 

And if you want to write a roleplay with me?

Well, I still haven't decided yet whether I want to try getting back into writing or not.

But I might give it a try if you have a convincing idea or if we already know each other from the good old days.


Anyways, that's all from me so far: Have a nice day!