I made these (in cronological order, newest to oldest)


EuroVision Collection - Vesna (Czechia 2023)


JD semi finale design

(Dream Ooutfit)

JD comp Rom Goth


JD comp Street


JD comp Spacesuit


New Years Eve 2022


Glitter (ca 2014)


Fantasy (ca 2013)

Hi I'm Nanna from Denmark! My DMs are always open, so don't hesitate to write me <3


Formerly known as Nanna Ashley on the DK server, I served as a passionate JD from 2014 until the superpass days started (so very shortly)


On GSM 2.0 I was elected JD again in the first JD competition.


I am here for the nostalgia and to create beautifull pieces for the gsm store

Will be updated soon <3