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The ducks are coming!


My name is Nanna - I am a 25 year old female from Denmark who graduated from University in the summer of 2022 with a masters degree in chemistry, and is currently looking for a job.

I love being create and learning new skills! My hobbies include: knitting, crocheting, drawing, painting and sewing!

I have recently learned to enjoy swimming, after I injured my knee in a freak accident (getting old is hard)

Generally optimistic and have a huge want to learn more about the natural sciences! Feel free to start a conversation with me in forums or over messages :)

I have played gsm ever since we had the old small resolution pixel models! (a true old timer!) I believe my first model was called erica31, named after my stuffed animal giraffe and 31 because the username erica was already taken (so original). Many other usernames followed, but none really sticked around.

However, most of my gsm memories were made as my online persona Nanna Ashley (on the DK server) from 2008 and until the end of the first round of gsm. I was 11 years old, and had just figured out how to register my model with an email adress.

I spend most my time admiriring other peoples designs, looking at forums and in my favourite designers design galleries to see if anything new was created. Sometimes there was. Often times there was not. So I decided I would start creating my own designs for others to admire!

At first it was it was hard. I did not know you could change the colors by double clicking the standard ones! But I soon learned the ways, and started creating designs (with shading!) and I was proud of it.

I looked up to the super talented designers, and especially the Junior Designers! I wished I could one day become one of them and have other models wear clothes that I made.

I kept designing and never gave up until I in the end won the Junior Designer contest in 2015. I got one or two sets released to the site before it was annonced that gsm would become paid membership only and there would no longer be JDs on the DK server. So I left gsm, fulfilled of my goals and dreams on the site but without ever truly living the dream.

I grew up on gsm, and although most my time was spend designing, I also appreciate the few great friendships I made on the site. People I will always remember, even though I only ever knew them by username and not their true names.

I am back now not in pursuit of becoming a JD (if they even reintroduce that feature) but to connect with people and have fun in pixel fashion <3

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Profile design by me :)