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Happy crimus, it's chrismun, merry crisis, merry chrysler ❤






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Hi, and thanks for clicking on my profile!


Most of you know me as juliamaria, but my real name

 is Juuli. Fun fact; my name comes from the german word for July! I'm twenty two years old and I live in

Turku, Finland. have an adopted cat, her name is

Meri and she's the sweetest ♥ 


If your passions include traveling, tattoos, cats, astrology, crystals, horror movies & true crime, then we have something in common! I have music or a podcast on all

the time. My absolute favorite artists are Twenty One Pilots, Halsey, Blackbear, Machine Gun Kelly and Waterparks. My favorite podcast is Timesuck with

Dan Cummins, so hit me up if you're a timesucker too!