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Born too late to discover the world, born too early to discover the universe.




I am Rocinante and I am from the Netherlands.

I live in South-Holland and work at the harbours in Rotterdam.


I am a real gSm Veteran. You might recognise my old name: Sniper.

I used to be very active back in the days!

If we used to be friends, feel free to add me again.


Anyway, let me explain my name a bit... Rocinante means "Work Horse" and is inspired from my most favourite series "The Expanse". 

As you can see, my profile layout has all kind of Sci-Fi pictures. This is because I am a huge Sci-Fi fan.


A list of my most favourite Sci-Fi games, movies and series:

- Star Wars (including CW, BB, Andor, Rebels and many more!)

- The Expanse

- Blade runner

- Alien (all of them!)

- Elite Dangerous

- Mass Effect

- And many more!


I am also a (RP) writer, so if you like to RP Sci-Fi, I am always interested to do so!


As a Sci-Fi freak, I also love to inspire my cosplays from the movies or series.


So, if you are a Sci-Fi just like me? Feel free to add me! Looking forward to share the same interests!


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