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I can't bet lvl 10 on WC but iknow how your bladder medically works.



You have be summon by a demon! No but welcome to my page im Malinjjosefin (old gsm Josefin1 in swedish server), im 26y, studying to nurse and working extra in healthcare. 



I was mostly active during 2006-2012 and gsm was my freezone when nothing elsa worked in life. 

I didnt care that much about lvl up or chlotes, just enjoyed forums and games. 

Facts about me

I moved away from home at 20

Had the same job for 5 years until I changed and started to study

Im a mom to a boy who turn 3y this year

Ive been togheter my bf 4y 

We have 2 cats called Dobby and Harry

In my freetime I mostly gym and looking serie

A GOT lover, also HOD bc who cant watch Matt Smith???