- Bergen, Norway

- Radiography student

- 2000


I am Chonk, or Sofie if you will


I started on gSm back in 2009 and played until i deemed myself "too cool for a kids site" in my teenage years. And now I'm back because I'm not too cool for gSm


I'm a vey creative person. I enjoy water colour painting, hama beads and gSm profile making just to mention a few hobbies.


Besides that I love Eurovision. Every year i pick out a favourite, watch the semis and make myself ranked lists. Last year in 2022 my favourite was Lithuania


I'm also an avgeek, I track and spot planes. My favourites are DHC dash 8-200 as they look like little goblins next to the large planes in the taxiway and i find it absolutely adorable. I'm also very impressed by the conditions they can fly in!


I'm a huge animal lover and below you can see my chihuahuas, Snoopy and Brage, pictured. I also have 2 budgies who are camera shy, nor sit still. I love typical vermin animals such as pigeons and possums







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