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my name is sofie / kool kat and i am a twentysomething from norway. i'm so excited to be back here on gosupermodel and relive my childhood.


as you might see, i am obsessed with bratz and pretty much everything y2k - the fashion, the music, movies and tv-shows.  i am also an avid gamer, and i play mostly valorant. i've linked my valorant tiktok above, check it out if you feel like it!


i love making new friends so if you feel like we would vibe, pls send me a msg. 

music videos, fashion magazines, y2k fashion trends and pop culture, makeup, painting, cosmopolitans, shopping, interior design, pastel colors, hyperfemininity, bratz, winx, w.i.t.c.h, valorant, pokémon, pink, green, purple, cats, energy drinks, clueless, transformers, poetry, 00's music, everything cherry flavored, long conversations, twitch, fka twigs, doja cat, æspa, twilight, the vampire diaries, pretty little liars, game of thrones, gossip girl, tiktok, concerts and so much more

thinking about the future, being left on read,  feeling ignored, people who invade my personal space, my anxiety , country music, sticky lipgloss, insomnia, dry conversations, oversleeping, people who dont respect others' time, people who snipe auctions (!!!), edgy humour, jim carrey movies, paisley pattern, kpop boy groups (sry they just dont hit)

fka twigs

ride the dragon