hey there!


my name is celina, i'm a 22 year old from germany.


some facts about me:


♪ i love music with all of my heart and all that i am. my biggest passion is making music! i love singing, playing the guitar and ukulele. (and i recently started playing the piano :')) i live for music, basically.


♪ also a huge fangirl.. my absolute favorite artists are Years & Years, grandson,  twenty øne piløts, Linkin Park and Dua Lipa. i'm also a big fan of blackbear, Ryan Caraveo, NF, Labrinth, Melanie Martinez, Ariana Grande, .. i could go on and on.


 big horror (movie) enthusiast. i love all things creepy


♪ concerts are my happy place and if i had more time and money, i'd travel around the world for my favorite artists..


♪ i love graphic designing and wish i could invest more time into it :(