Anatomy's content
since you've given me neither love nor peace, grant me bitter glory




My name is Anatomy and I am 26 years old.


The greatest passions in my life are writing, making good coffee and discovering new music.

I have quite the vinyl and CD collection that I am proud of, but not as proud as I am of all my plants.  


Since I live and breathe music, here is a very short list of bands and artists I am currently vibing:


♥lana del rey ♥ turnover ♥ deftones ♥ gazette ♥puscifer♥

father john misty♥ the last shadow  puppets ♥deftones♥

fall out boy♥ joji♥ lykke li♥ queen♥ placebo♥ david bowie♥ sufjan stevens♥ asunojokei♥ nine inch nails♥palaye royale