I like metal

I like to draw

I like animals

Quite ordinary with an odd accent

From Norway


You can take a look at my art if you'd like to see what I do! (I take commission if you're interested)  

Link to my art magazine here 


Commissions prizes will vary. How difficult is the outfit you are wearing? How much of your model do you want to show? How many models are in the photo? Are the other things in the photo like furniture, something else they hold or stuff I need to add? Do you want the cartoony-style or the semi-realistic one? All of this will change how many hours I will use.

Send me a request over dm and I can estimate something for you. This estimate is not a guarante, only an estimate 


- Per hour I take about 4k.

- 1 SG is worth 50 gm - so if you have 30 sg you can give, the price can be reduced to 1500 gm

- If you have a rarer item that I would want, you can trade the amount it is worth to gm. I will not give you the rest of it's worth in gm, but I can offer you more drawings, lol
- I don't take VIP days and at this moment I don't take diamonds.


Things that can add time / reduce time I spend:

- Half a body takes me less time compared to a full body. A full body will take me 1-3 hours more, depending on the style you'e choosing.


- Semi- realistic take me about twice as lon as the cartoony-style. Let's say you have a semi-compliacted outfit. The price may vary, and here are som examples:

Half body cartoony: 2 hours = 8k
Full body cartoony:  3 hours = 12k

Full body cartoony with other: 4 hours = 16k

Half body semi-real: 4 hours = 16k

Full body semi-real: 6 hours = 24k

Full body semi-real with other: 7 hours 28k


These are just "how long it usually takes"
I will send you sketches, updates and make sure that you love it every step of the way! I take half the expected amount before I start, and the rest when you are happy with the drawing