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My name is Lina M**** from the cold mountain valley Gudbrandsdal in Norway. Born 3rd January 99'.


I work 40% as a cleaner at the gym from 6-9am regurarly, and fridays at the barracks. Sometime a crappy job, but good paid. Taking up the subject theory of training from high school to later become a healthcare worker.  Goes to gym three times a week.



My interests are knitting, reading, strength, guitar, hanging with friends, vegetarian and driving car/mc. I love Volvo and Kawasaki. Taking A1-lessons.

On gSm I mostly chat, play wc, and in the forums: everything else, help/tips/tutorials or buy/sell/trade. And I like to save all the pinballs to then go shopping. I am a PC-player.









The most introvert of the extroverts. Intutiv and spontanious, sensetive - but strong.



My music taste is mostly metal, punk, rock and house. And sometimes swedish raggar shit.

Metallica avenged sevenfold, rise against, boris brecja, pink floyd, cezinando, jokke and baksia 


Battery Fresh addict (the orange and black one).

I quit snus and I only drink at special occasion. Smokes sometimes




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