About BellaIsabella

Name: Heidi Isabella

Age: 24

Birthday: 04/01/1999

From: Norway

Languages: Norwegian and English

Pronouns: She/Her

Relationship status: In a happy relationship<3

Work: Waiter

Hobbies: Art, Guitar, nails, make-up


My Favs

Movies: Harry Potter(my comfort movies since I was a child)

Music: Lewis Capaldi 

Food: Comfort food is noodles, but I love pizza and pasta 

Colors: Green

Animal: Cats I have two cats myself, Dobby and Biggi. My babies

Number: 4 (I have tattoed "444" on my arm) 

TV shows: Greys Anatomy 

Books: Harry Potter and Twilight saga

Season: Summer, Atumnn(bc of the colours)

Scent: Cinnamon and rainy days